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. that basically means a lot of energy and cold, dry air to mix in. then, you have a high-pressure system parked over greenland. that creates a blocking pattern, forcing energy back towards the storm and driving it into the east coast. the biggest concern in the coming days is the potential for four-foot to ten-foot coastal surge. that's expected in vulnerable areas, like d.c., new jersey and new york, where evacuation orders may be enforced. even though the forecast path takes its center rig into southern new jersey and parts of delaware, the wind field will be huge on this. >>> that's why we have to check in with our matt gutman. he's in nags head, north carolina. matt, i'm going to give you those 50-mile-per-hour gusts today. >> reporter: thanks a lot, ginger. we really are starting to feel the impact of that texas-sized storm starting to wallop here. want to give you a sense of how frothy the water has become. it's been whipping up this foam everywhere. now, across the mid-atlantic, they're in full swing with preparations there. even starting to hand out sandbags in washington, d.c. with the
as it moves towards land. monday, it will collide with energy that will pull in some cold air from the northwest. now, adding to that perfect storm scenario, there's what we call a blocking pattern that shoves energy from the north back at the storm and back toward the united states. here's what all of that means to you. the storm will carry hurricane-force winds, up to a foot of rain and the potential storm surge that could top out at ten feet. extreme conditions could begin as early as sunday and last for days, drenching the most populated part of the country. >> this storm, that is going to be impacting the mid-atlantic and parts of the northeast monday into tuesday is going to be destructive, historic and, unfortunately, life threatening. >> reporter: a state of emergency has already been declared in maryland, d.c., pennsylvania, new york and virginia. the biggest fear? the storm surge. in places like atlantic city, it could get even worse because of a full moon and higher tides. people are batoning down the hatches, preparing for the worst, up and down the eastern seaboard. in
person who buys gasoline today is paying $2 a gallon more because of obama's energy policies. i think obama if he would have a chance would love to have romney's record in massachusetts. >> the price of gas is going down in these final weeks. >> sure, it goes down every fall. it's still the most expensive this time of year in america. $2 more when obama became president. we're learning more about how much bankruptcies there in solar power. that's pretty tough record to go into ohio, florida, anywhere, and say to folks, why don't you keep voting $2 for gasoline. >> finally, mr. speaker, you heard stephanie bring up the issue of richard m x ourdock in indiana, saying that it's wrong for romney to stand up for him. >> if you listen to what mourdock said, life begins at conception. this seems to be fixated by the democrats. obama is a state senator voted three times in allowing doctors to kill babies in the eighth, ninth month. the democratic party platform which says you should pay with your tax money for late-term abortion. it doesn't seem to fascinate the press nearly enough -- >> mr.
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and jet stream. >> kinetic energy. the governor of connecticut is calling sandy the largest threat to human life in his state and any one's lifetime. utility and road crews are standing by to work on what could be major power outages. a record storm surge, threatening more than 300 di nettic homes forced evacuations. governor dan ma loip said the last time we saw anything like this was never. >> telling quote. >>> there are dire predictions about the power outages ahead. potentially millions of people without electricity for many, many days. >> utility come pans are doing what they can to get ahead of this disaster. faced with a situation like hurricane sandy, there is only so much they can ducht ao. abc's david kerley in rehoboth beach, delaware. >> reporter: the power was going out before hurricane sandy hit shore. larry jackson knows the worst is still to come. thousand of utility workers aren their trucks headed east to repair what are expected to be massive power outages. these beach vacationers packed up to head home. inland. >> actually the aftermath is what we are concerned
. the pressure is beginning to go back up, which is a good thing. it is losing energy over land. now, we look at maryland's most powerful radar now. we can see a big shield of rain coming in here. we're looking at oranges and yellow. so, heavy rain in spots this morning. this heavy rain will continue to work its way through the area as we go through time. so, we can actually zoom in on a couple of areas. the heaviest rainfall where it is now. basically around baltimore, we're also seeing the heavy stuff around rockville. really, you still need to be off the roads. because we're dealing with heavy rain. with that, we do have flooding also. but check out the rainfall totals already. so, parkville over 5 inches, close to 6 inches of rain. we're still looking at the rain coming down this morning. here are the totals. these totals are what i just showed you on the radar. these totals this morning, the numbers that i just showed you were from yesterday. so the numbers will continue to pile up throughout the day. we will talk about the winds the next time i see you. all right. now, time savor traffi
with 26 fruits and vegetables plus extra b-vitamins... ...for energy. alive. start feeling it. >>> check out this video. a driver crashes an suv into a gun store and jumps out with three other men to rob the place. turns out the suv was stolen, too. they left it behind. officers say it was still running when they got to the store. >>> one los angeles mom owes her daughter a serious raise in allowance. the woman bought a winning ticket months ago but had no idea she won and lost track of it. turns out she had won $23 million but lottery officials couldn't identify her. a last-minute attempt to find her, they found surveillance video and her daughter happened to see it on the news. >>> toilet papering things. in this case students did it to themselves. apparently this is a school tradition. each year after their basketball team scores the first basket of the season, the tp starts flying. well, it earned them a technical foul. it happens every time they do it but they took home a win anyway. >>> that ballot question has some taking a gamble. >> we all know yoga is good for the body and soul
. the purpose is to save energy costs and the practice has been praised and criticized. arizona and hawaii don't take part. >>> vacant homes are coming down in baltimore city. the mayor says the demo project is to eliminate blithe and stabilize the community. >>> mitt romney plans to make his closing arguments to america today in which is contin. -- wisconsin expected to focus on his idea to boost the economy. election day is tuesday november 6th. >> president obama is bringing star power for the final days of the campaign trail. bruce springsteen will perform at presidential stops along the way with wisconsin, ohio and iowa on the map and jay-z will perform at an ohio stop. >>> for most kids the major motivation is snag as much candy as possible. matthew gilbert is more concerned about where the candy is placed so he went for halloween as a bolt box. >> -- ballot box. >> this is a box that goes about down to here and it is split in happen when you vote we open it from the bottom and pour out candy and count each one. >> he factor in a 5% margin of airior for candy eaten alone the way. preside
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there wasnough power in that storm to throw energy somewhere, diane. that was real troubling. >> and we saw all sorts of things happening on shore. we couldn't believe the winds of this storm had lifted. >> oh, the picture that you guys showed was the one that drove me to the tv set. it was that 168-foot tanker by the way on staten island. 712 tons, local reporter wabc reporter michelle charles brought us that picture moored a mile away. the 14-foot lift on that water took that thing and put it on a road in staten island on shore on top of a city street. >> moored a mile away and sam champion is here with us, as you know. he'll be with us throughout this evening, as always, thank you and for some of you watching we say good night. for others, stay with us for more of our one-hour broadcast, the latest on the perfect storm, more dramatic stories and videos coming up. see you soon. anncr: it's endorsed by business leaders... small business owner: question seven means thousands of jobs... in baltimore and across maryland... anncr: and labor groups... construction worker: question seven lets us bri
are at 950 instead of 951. that means that it's trying to strengthen a little bit and gather more energy. being see it's 300 around 300 miles southeast of ocean city, maryland. as we check out what's going on for today and how this moves towards us, well, we will continue to get this rain moving in here across the area. and on the backside of this system, look at the snow moving into west virginia. we are going to be seeing blizzard conditions across the area but heavier rain across the area for today and the winds will begin to pick up. i will talk more about that and breakdown the time that is we will see the windiest conditions. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. governor o'malley is urging everyone to stay off the roads. we are dealing with a lot of flooding in ocean city. route 50 is now closed along the eastbound lanes from golf course road to philadelphia avenue. here's a live look at route 50. you will notice the camera is shaking due to the heavy winds. there's a wind advisory in effect for those traveling across the bay bridge. i
. it will collide with an arctic front coming in from the west, throwing a new dose of energy into the storm and expanding its already monther size and reach. then, inject the 1 150-mile-per-hour plus winds of the jet stream and forecasters think sandy explodes into a superstorm. and so when you see something like that, then you realize this is not just a hurricane, this is a totally different animal. there is nothing we can compare it to, a storm system in the northeast, in the atlantic, it's very difficult to say this is going to be like any other storm, because it's really cutting brand new territory. there are the elements that are a problem here, no matter what kind of storm moves onshore. there's the storm surge and sandy looks like it's going have a big one. as you said, david, there's estimates that the storm surge here will be above 11 feet. we looked back, we can't see ever, 1960, there was one incident of ten feet of water in new york harbor and that was the most up until that point. we haven't seen anything that would approach the 11.5 estimate. you can see how the storm surge is
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stream energy dipping south and the trough object that jet stream has captured the storm and is accelerating it. speeding the system up. it's doubled in speed in just the last three hours. it may speed up even more. we think official landfall on the center of sandy is likely to occur before 4 p.m. so we're talking another max hour and a half before sandy is ashore. she's just under 100 miles off shore but up to 30 miles an hour. she may accelerate here. you say oh, we're almost through. this thing is about to make landfall. not even close, unfortunately. sandy's going to sling shot in right around new jersey, north maryland, north delaware, and then stall out. then we'll have sandy churning right on top of us through the next day, day and a half. we really won't begin to clear out until probably halloween. tomorrow certainly the hurricane force conditions will be done, but we will not be done with the heavy flooding. rains will not be done with damaging wind gusts. and again, just an amazing, amazing power house rainstorm in sandy. let's give you comparables. first what t
extra b-vitamins... ...for energy. alive. start feeling it. >>> that you can for stay withing us this morning. we are staying on the air to keep you safe and keep you informed. we still have a lot of rain to deal with and heavy winds. we told you yesterday morning about a ship that's called the hms bounty. it was caught in the choppy waters. and this was all because of sandy. the coast guard did manage to rescue most of jfthe jfpeople onboard. but sadly, we have learned that one crew member died in the sea and the captain is still missing this rning. you are looking at a photograph that was tweeted by the u.s. can coast guard. and it's incredible looking. you can see just the top of ñrt ship sticking out from the ocean water. this as it continues to sink into the water. 16 people were onboard the bounty when it started taking on water. 14 people made it to lifeboats. the captain and the other crew member, they were tossed from the ship by a giant wave. the owner of the ship is t(a ma named robert hanson. he says he is devastated by the loss of life and the jfloss xdo the replica
extra b-vitamins... ...for energy. alive. start feeling it. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ it's a new day it's a new day ♪ >>> and that is a perfect song for this friday morning. alicia keys' "new day." a lot in times square are hoping for that many this morning. and we are missing robin, hoping for that new day for her. she is at home getting strong. great to have amy robach here. >> thanks very much. >>> and so many of us have closets full of clothes we're not wearing. you can turn that into cold, hard cash. we have people doing that right now, like sam. >> not yet. >> that's your weather piece here, i love so much. we'll talk about that coming up. >>> first, other hollywood news. kristen stewart and robert pattinson's romance, is it really back on track, we asked? they gave their first interview since they broke up and the reported union. >> me and robert are like this. >> can't wait for that sam news. >>> lots more to get to. the special announcement, again, about our day of giving. our hearts going out to the millions and millions of people hit so hard by the destruction of hurricane
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20